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By Cajetan247 - Posted on
19 September 2017

I am a civil engineer,from Nigeria. Please how can i know companies recruiting in Oman.I wish to live and work in the country but I don't know anybody there.

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Hi Cajetan247

You could start by doing a google search for engineering companies in Oman. Here is a list of some engineering companies in Oman. You could also try job portals like Gulftalent to find a job. Read our page on working in Oman as well for some more info.

Do you have a specific city in mind? What type of civil engineering are you interested in?

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Thanks Emmal. I'm also problem.

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I am chartered accountant ,in the process of recruitment in muscut audit supervisor.As my visa not being processed, will the current visa ban impact my recruiting process in oman???,

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Hi i have got offer of 800 riyal in oman , without accomodation , how much cost is for accmdation here

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