Working as an office secretary in Istanbul, Turkey

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By Alia - Posted on
09 January 2018

I'm a Indonesian lady from Jakarta Indonesia,
single mother with a son, 9 years old.
I had a career in Indonesia as a Secretary in a Big 4 Tax Consultant Company.
i earn good for it.

As i love to travel a lot, there's a time i travel to Turkey - Istanbul and Directly fall in love with this country and city.

i have a big plan in moving to Turkey - Istanbul, bringing along my son there, there will be some questions in my head for this matter:

- is it possible living in Istanbul with Office Secretary as my main Career? does the job earn well in Istanbul?
- Is it easy to get the good price Flats in Istanbul?
- I heard about the İmam Hatip Lisesi School for children, is there anyone knowing about this school? how i access the detail about this school?

thanks for all of your help.

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Hi Alia, 

Have a look at our guide to the cost of living in Istanbul. Whether a secretary's salary will be enough to support you and your son will depend largely on your lifestyle and the benefits that come with the job.

Accommodation can be a hassle to find, but there are many options in Istanbul. The education system in Istanbul can be variable, but international schools can be a better option for expats.

Have you started looking for jobs in Istanbul yet?

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hi Emma,

thanks for the comment, i really appreciate that.
well, i haven't start looking for the job in Istanbul but i sometime like to seek the job seeker website which took place in Istanbul.

is there any consideration on hiring the expats who wearing the head scarf(for lady), i hope it wont be such a big issue there.



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Hi Alia

Even though Turkey is officially a secular state, the majority of people are Muslim. You can read more about it on our guide to culture shock in Turkey.

Since the ban on wearing headscarves was lifted in 2011, many women wear headscarves, so it shouldn't affect your chances of getting a job. In fact, it might count in your favour. It remains a controversial topic in Turkey, however, with many secular women discriminated against because they don't wear it.

Hope this helps, and good luck with the job search!

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