Work permit for Portugal?

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By Akbar - Posted on
26 January 2017

hi i want to have information how can i applay for workpermit in Portugal? and when i have admit my applictaion how long it will take time to get the card, im from Pakistan and have pakistani citizien.

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Hi Akbar,

Do you have a job offer secured in Portgual already? That would be the first important step towards getting the permit especially as you are not a EU citizen.

What is your field of work?

I suggest reading the Work Permits for Portugal page for some background and to see if you are eligible for a permit.



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Hi, I am a licensed Dental Hygienist in USA CA. We are discussing a partime move to Portugal, would it be hard for me to obtain a license Portugal?

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Hi ,currently im in portugal on work permit visa working for one company ,visa sponsered by that company .And Now i have better opportunity from other company in portugal .Can I change the company with the visa ? Im from india .

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Hello I want to know, now I'm in Portugal and came on busniness visas, but visas my has expired and I have applied for a work permit, what happens now I have no visa since it has gone and I have not received a reply from SEF about how the process goes on, it's been one month since I applied. Kandere answer me? thanks

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