Will I be able to use public transport to get around Houston?

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20 June 2014
Moving from NY to Houston in a couple of months and I am wondering if anyone can give me an insight into public transport. I am very used to using the subway, buses and taxis to get to work in NYC and I don't own a car here, as it is too much hassle.

Do you think I will need a car when I move to Houston?


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Hi Smith,

I think you will find quite a big difference between transportation in NYC and Houston.

While public transport does exist in Houston, it is nowhere near as extensive as in New York. Most people do find it necessary to own a car in Houston and the infrastructure is equipped to accommodate drivers. There is lots of parking available and road signage is very good.  

For a good overview I would suggest you take a look at the Getting around in Houston page.

Good luck with the move.


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I would not rely on the public transport system for all travel here. If you work downtown and are considering living in a suburb outside the city, like Katy, The Woodlands, etc., it is fairly easy to take the bus in. I take the bus from Katy and there is one pick up at the park and ride in the mornings, and multiple drop-offs once you get downtown. For weekend travel and getting anywhere besides downtown, you will need a car. Even if you live inside the loop, travel will be very difficult without a car. There is parking everywhere you go, and for some restaurants with smaller parking lots, valet parking is often available for no charge.

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