Will I be able to keep pets in Lagos?

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23 October 2014

Hi my boyfriend and i are potentially going to relocating to Lagos early next year. I am trying to tract down information about keeping dogs. We have a Large Tibetan Mastiff cross 3 year old male who would travel with us. Are there places that are safe enough with a small garden or even walking areas? We are also looking to have our first child next year, whilst I certainky wouldn't have baby in Lagos, is there sufficient support in place if I was to move back once baby was about 3 months old? Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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I would not worry too much about both. Pets are being kept here

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appartments with garden are hard to find an if they are verryyy expensive.
i send my wife home for deliver the baby .
it depends which standard you are used to.
Lagos is a biig city with lots of people (20mil plus) the air is dirty the traffic horrible.
for 10km it can take 3 hrs. not much green here

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Hi, I Have 4+ Years Experience & From Mumbai India, I got job offer as DTIT (Digital Technology and IT) Manager in Lagos city , with 28348 US Dollar /Per Annum with Other benefits:

* Holidays – 20 working days (4 weeks)
* 2-3 bed flat unfurnished accommodation
* Company pool car
* Pool car Driver
* Medical insurance
* Telephone – internal CDMA + monthly credit allowance
* Company performance-based bonus scheme in accordance with company policy.

Please let me know , Is it good Offer ?

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