Who is Responsible for Maintenance Landlord or Tenant?

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22 December 2015

Having a rented property always gives you a privilege of being a land owner, but soon you rent your property your value drops. Many times you have to compromise your dignity in front of an ill behaved tenant. Managing the entire requirements of property, from finding a tenant and to look after the maintenance is a tough task to do and sometimes in the urge to earn you loose more money when managing your property.
Property management is a tough business. For this you are supposed to be well occupant of all the laws and rules regulations of property management, plus you need to be tough enough to deal with ill behaved tenants or rude occupants. In case you wish to be away from these hassles hiring property management company Baltimore or of any other place in USA where you reside is the best option in front of you. One of the biggest matters of concern during property management is maintenance. This is always a big question to be answered, that who is the responsible person for maintenance landlord or tenant.
Well as per the ethics of property management, for maintenance in the property the land owner would be responsible. Because it is his property and the ultimate profit will be his only. Tenant is there for a time being and would be leaving the property after completion his tenure therefore landlord will be responsible for every repair and maintenance in the property. But, it is not always the land owner who would be taking care of property maintenance, if the loss is intentional or a big one then tenant can also share on the maintenance cost. Hence depending on the maintenance type and needs the responsibilities between the tenant and landlord differs.
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