Where to live in Istanbul?

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By Jonny - Posted on
12 September 2012
We're going to be moving to Turkey soon and we need to organise our accommodation as a matter of urgency. Where do most expats live in IStanbul - are there any particular areas that most expats congregate in...is there a difference in accommodation standards between the European and Asian sides of the city? We have small kids so would be looking for an area close to good transport and schools....
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Dear Jonny, The European side is chosen more, due to the facilities, leisure, shopping, historic places and culture that offers. For safety and time-saving reasons; make sure you identify your desired accommodation in an area with good transport and travelling provisions, areas such as Taksim which is the heart of Istanbul, very attractive and safe. For more information and assistance in finding your accommodation; please feel free to contact us through; cityapartmentsistanbul.com Kind Regards, CityApartmentsIstanbul Team Phone: +44 (0) 7822 156824 Fax: +44 (0) 8723 313764 Email: info@cityapartmentsistanbul.com Web: cityapartmentsistanbul.com
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Hi Jonny , and welcome to Istanbul , a huge city among Asian and European Continents . To choose your location : first do you have any kids , you have only international schools on the european side !! but if no kids or Babies , you have preschools in Asian side , and more residential . I am a french real estate broker and do not hesitate to contact me for any information. dominique@expat-turkey.com

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Hello, we're planning on moving to Istanbul this autumn -- with our son, aged 10. Intending to stay for 1 - 3 years. (currently based in London). We need to find a decent school for him, but don't want to be reliant on a car, so ideally not too far out. He's very interested in music and football! What areas should we look in, and are there schools other than MEF and the British school that we should consider (both seem very expensive, and I work for the not-for-profit sector)? International community school looked great, but it seems awfully far out. Also, which areas should we consider living in? I'm only really familiar with Beyoglu/Cihangar. Any other suggestions?

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Dear all, my name is Mireille moko, I live in Istanbul and Im looking for a cheap room around 150 eurosper month to rent. Im lookinf forward to read from you as soon as possible

email : pelagie_y@yahoo.fr

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