Where should I live with a family in Dublin?

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10 March 2016

I am a nurse that will be moving to Ireland in June, most likely going to work at Beaumont. What are some good family areas to live within commute distance of Beaumont? We have a 14yo, 4 1/2yo and a 3yo. We currently live in a small town and I commute into the city to work. There are other cities in Ireland I can move to, but I'm being encouraged to accept the position at Beaumont. All advice is appreciated, thank you.

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Clontarf, Howth and Portmarnock would be the nicest places to live on the North side of Dublin. They would be the "good" addresses. Pockets of Glasnevin (D9) especially near the botanical gardens can be very nice too. The other areas can be really dodgy that side of the city. Avoid the uneven Dublin district 1-7 numbers and try and stick to Co. Dublin where possible. South side Dublin is generally the better/more up market side of Dublin and you could consider Sandymount/D4 and Blackrock and cross over on the eastlink. Depending on your hours/time of work the commute could be slow. Houses will cost more to buy and rent there. If you are willing to drive and live in another town then go north to Drogheda (south side of the town) 1/2 hr or Dundalk (out by beach in Blackrock) 1 hr They are good towns. Child care may be easier to find and be way cheaper.

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Attending Trinity and going to live in Rathfurnham, is this a good idea?

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Hi there,

From what I can glean from information I've found online, it seems that Rathfurnam is a good area on the whole though some say there are some not-so-great areas - around Nutgrove centre I believe - but there's some disagreement about whether it, in fact, is or isn't a bit on the dodgy side. 

Rathfurnam is about a half hour's walk or bus ride from Trinity and about ten minutes by car. So it's fairly close and easy to get to.

If you're still deciding on what area to go for, have a look at our Areas and Suburbs in Dublin page - you might find some useful information there.

Best of luck with your move.

Kind regards
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