What's there to do in Luanda?

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By Anya - Posted on
04 July 2011
I've  been offered a job in Luanda (I'm a single female), and am worried about making friends. What's a typical weekend in Luanda like for expats?
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The expat community in Luanda is surprisingly insular, and there are lots of different ways to make friends. If you're a single female you may have a harder time than if you had kids, as this is a great way to meet other parents. That said, if you are going to live in a large compound you'll find it really easy to meet people. Otherwise, there's a Field Group and a HASH House Harriers group that you can join. There's also women's clubs and Bible studies.

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I spend my weekends either at the pool or the beach... it does get a bit monotonous at times. There are some nice lodges around if you want to get away for the weekend, but they are quite basic and/or expensive.

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I have been living in Luanda, Angola for the last two years and have to say that it is one of the most challenging places to live as an expat - and I have lived all over the world. Most expats work in the oil or mining industries and are well paid. Most have a comfortable existance but the quality of life is not hig. Expats generally live in gated compounds with swimming pools and security guards. There are expats from Portugal and Brazil (Portuguese speakers) and from Texas and Scotland (the oil industry link), South Africans and also lots from China. The locals are generally lovely provided you are not doing business with them.

Suprisingly the cost of living in Luanda is high - on a par with London, New York or Tokyo. Good restaurants are few and far between and costly.

The crime in Angola is actually not a big issue, much safer than Johannesburg for instance. The health concerns are more of an issue. The roads are also dangerous and traffic in Luanda is diabolical.

Living here is an experience that I am glad to have experienced, although I am now looking to move on!

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where is hash house harrier club located in luanada angola

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