What's the job market like in Russia?

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04 May 2011
My husband's a lawyer and we will be relocated by his firm later this year. I'm an editor, and my work is equally important to me, but I'm worried i won't be able to find work in the country. What's the job market like in Russia? What kind of oppportunities are available to foreigners?
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There's a lot of unemployment in Russia, generally speaking. The job market isn't great, and unless you speak Russian or have an opportunity from a large international company, you may find yourself following the age old expat tradition of teaching English in a foreign country. It's a tough lifestyle, but you can certainly make do of it - though if you're looking for meaning in your work and you previously were employed as an editor you may find yourself increasingly frustrated. There's a few English publications around, and some of the large firms need English speakers to manage content so perhaps start there. The expat community in Russia is also large and pretty receptive to new comers, so definitely use these networks as a resource.

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Hi, How much is the average salary of a doctor, teacher, nurse,engineer, bookkeeper, administrator etc?

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