What's the cost of living like in Poland?

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11 May 2011
Is the cost of living in Poland cheaper or on par with the UK?
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The cost of living in Poland is definitely much cheaper than in the UK, that said, salaries in Poland are considerably less than what you would be making at the same position in the UK. I mean, geez, there's a reason an exodus ensued when Poland joined the EU a couple of years ago.

Most locals spend nearly half their monthly salary on accommodation, and though expats moving to Poland can generally expect a higher wage if they've lured abroad by a particular position, housing will still be your highest cost, expect around 2000 zloty a month for a decent place. Utilities tend to only amount to 100 zloty, though heating costs can sky-rocket in winter.
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If you want to buy a decent apartment in the center of Warsaw you can expect prices around 250 kEUR and up for a 2/3-room. 4-room and larger apts are fewer and more expensive. The interest rates are high because there is a larger interest margin from banks in addition to the almost 5% base interest rate.

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