What's the cost of living in Romania?

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By Stephanie Katz - Posted on
05 May 2011
What's the cost of living in Romania - in Bucharest in particular?
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The cost of living in Romania is always pegged as cheaper than most European destinations, and truth be told, yes, Bucharest will never be as expensive as Paris and Pitesti will never wear your wallet as thin as Prague; but expats moving to Romania shouldn't fool themselves into thinking the Romanians are "giving away" accommodation and food.

As in most nations, urban centres are more expensive than rural villages, and those who choose to a life of luxury will never find the bank balance looking too beautiful unless the salary is porportional.

Expats living in Romania often prefer certain amenities that end up being more costly than what the locals know and love. For example, a flat in the centre of Bucharest can cost around 500 Euros per month, but these come in old communist style buildings and can be run-down. So, instead, expats pay 2000 to 3000 Euros a month to live in gated communities on the outskirts of town.

Also, the unpasteurised products in the Romanian food markets and the seasonal fruits and veg are very affordable, but the Western style foods at the supermarkets are imported and pricey.

Read the Expat Arrivals Cost of Living in Romania guide for a more in depth look of the subject.

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Don't forget about the value added tax on everything you purchase. It's 26%.

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