What's the cost of living in Angola like?

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17 August 2012
My husband ahs been offered a job in Luanda and we're trying to decide if venturing into this part of Africa is worth it. The salary he has been offered sounds really great, but I've heard Angola is very expensive to live in. Anyone got any experiences of living in Luanda they can share and what the cost of living in Angola is like....
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Hi Anya, the cost of living in Angola, and particularly in Luanda is very expensive. In fact, the city was said to be the most expensive city to live in in 2010 and 2011 in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey, and was only overtaken by Tokyo this year. That said, accommodation is likely to be your biggest expense and is something that yor husband needs to ensure is factored into his salary - most expat packages for Angola will include some sort of housing allowance or accommodation fully provided by the company. Transport is also normally taken care of by the company, with the provision of a car and driver. I suggest having a look at our Cost of Living in Angola page to read more about what you can expect to pay for your basics in Luanda. Also, for a brief introduction to Luanda, have a look at our Moving to Luanda page.
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