What tax will I need to pay in China?

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25 August 2016

i have an offer of a job to work in shenzen. the offer is a 12 month contract where i will be required to be in the country for at least 6 months within the 12 month period. i'm coming from the uk and wanted to try an understand what tax or other deductions i'm likely to need to pay.

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Hi there,

Like many countries, China taxes on a progressive scale; the more you earn, the higher percentage of tax you'll have to pay. Taxation rules and regulations applying to you will also be based on your length of stay in the country, so you were quite right to think this would have an impact.

According to this table, as an expat in China for more than 6 months, you fall into the second bracket of tax, meaning all income earned in China will be taxed but any source of income from outside the country isn't taxed in China (an exception or two applies to this rule, which is mentioned in the table).

Hopefully that answers your question? You may also find the Expat Arrivals Banking, Money and Taxes page useful. It is also a good idea to check with an expat tax professional to be 100% sure of your situation. Best of luck with your new venture in China.

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Hi have you not asked the company who gave you the job offer for the tax schedule

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