What should I know before moving my family to India?

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By davekothi - Posted on
27 November 2016

Hi all,

My family, wife and 2 boys (3-year-old and 5-year-old) have been asked to move to India for a 2-year assignment in Mumbai. We are Indian but none of us have ever lived in India though my wife and I have visited India handful times - first time for our boys.

The company is in the process of getting a 'package' together but we had some general questions about moving there but more specifically costs.

1) School - we are told that American School of Bombay may be ou best (and only) choice that follows the US school's teaching style and culture. We are curious about how much will cost per child for tuition.

2) Car and driver - we don't plan to drive there but would need to engage a company to provide this service. Any thought on how much it would cost for a large SUV/mini-van and a driver? Perhaps a monthly rate?

3) We know it's common that many folks have help in their home. How does one go about getting someone to help out around the house? And cost?

4) Any services where we can find a nanny for our boys?

Last, taxes.

Because to my mother's birth in India, we have an OCI card. My assignment is in a way that I will continue to get paid my salary in USD/USA. Will I need to pay taxes in India? Will I have to pay more taxes in the United States? Any insight on this would be helpful.

Sorry for so many questions but hoping some experts can help us with some answers.



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