What schooling options are available in Houston?

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19 July 2014

We're likely to be moving to Houston in the coming months. My son will be 5 in October and therefore misses the 1st September cut-off for Kindergarten enrolment. He has attended nursery in the UK for over two years and is more than ready for school. We don't want to hold him back a further year but appear to be limited in options.

Do private schools allow "early" admission? Presumably they don't have to follow the same rules as the public schools?

Are private schools our only option?

Would be grateful for any help anyone can provide.

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Hi markandevoone,

You are right, private schools in Houston are likely to be more flexible in their admissions criteria than public schools. Depending on the circumstances and your sons abilities, private schools may give him early addmission. You should also consider the option of magnet and charter schools, which are public school which offer free or low-cost addmissions, but they are less restricted than regular public schools would be.

You can find out more on the Education and Schools in Houston page.

Best of luck

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Hi we are relocating to Houston in January 2015 and I have two daughters aged 6 and 2 are you able to recommend good private schools in Houston. We are looking at moving to the Sugarland area. We like the British School of Houston, however I have read some really bad reviews on this school.

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