What quality of life will I have with my salary in Durban, South Africa?

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By Sreejit - Posted on
12 January 2018

I have been offered R 40 k per month salary in Durban. Food, Accommodation & Transportation provided by company. Is it a good salary? How is life in Durban? I come from India. Please advise if i should accept this offer?

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Hi. I live in Johannesburg but i have been to Durban many times. Its like a second home.
Like may other countries we all have our fair share of crime but its moderate unless you live in a gated community (Usually a townhouse or apartment). They are very safe to live in as many of them offer 24 hour security. The salary you have been offered is actually modest. You can live twice from your salary lol. You will be able to afford many luxuries such as medical insurance,life insurance and a maid and even eat out almost every night. So i do think you will an absolute blast in Durban because its amajor city on the beach.

Goodluck with your future success.

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Hi Sjeejit,
As the previous comment states, 40,000 ZAR is an ample salary which will allow you to maintain a middle to upper-middle class lifestyle. 
Durban's many parks, beaches, restaurants and shopping malls make it an easy place to live. 
While food in Durban is varied, Durban is renowned for its curry, which is remarkably different from Indian curry. 
As Durban has the highest Indian heritage population outside of India, you'll be able to find many things from home. Local radio stations such as Lotus FM play popular music from India. Indian movies and TV series are also available through DSTV, a local satellite TV subscription service.  
If it's not too late, and you have any specific questions, then feel free to ask me here.  
Although there is currently no Durban-specific information, reading the Expat Arrivals articles on South Africa might be useful.
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