What kind of visa do I need to move permanently to Lagos & start a business?

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By RafaelKnuth - Posted on
27 May 2015

I just returned to Europe from home from a 30 days business trip to Lagos, and I decided to move there permanently and to start my own consulting business. My question: What type of visa/residence permit do I need? STR (Subject to Regulation Visa) and CERPAC (Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card for Nigeria) both require an employment contract, but as I said - I aim to start my own business. I want to avoid going back and forth every 3 months on a business visa. I haven't set up a business in Nigeria yet, I plan to do this during my next stay in Lagos.

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even you want to start your own business you need to get str visa and curpac. first you have to register your company. then you have to apply for the quota on that quota you can get str visa and then after reaching there you can regularised it by getting resident permit which is valid for 1 year so you have to renew it every year. and you will get 1 year multi journey entry so if you want to visit your country you can go and come back without any other process or document.

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