What kind of healthcare am I entitled to in Cyprus?

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By kingsnorth - Posted on
29 May 2016

Hi I am thinking of moving for a year to Paphos I will be renting but returning to the UK after a year, I have registered with other sites but need as much information as I can before I make that final step. Im 65 so have my state pension here, what is the procedure as I will not be living there permanently. Any advice will be much appreciated, ie private health care or public health care entitlement. my partner isn't in receipt of state pension.

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Hi kingsnorth

As EU citizens you are entitled to free healthcare in Cyprus but you need to register for a state health card.

Please read the Healthcare in Cyprus page for more insights.

Do you have any long-term health issues? If you do. it maybe a good idea to get some private healthcare provision as well.


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My advice is to make sure you have full private medical cover..declaring all know and previously treated ailments etc

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