What job opportunities can I expect to find as a student in Romania?

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19 February 2014

I have been thinking of studying in babes-Bolyai University in cluj-Romania. what job options do I have as a student living in Cluj? Can I live in Cluj and and work in Bucharest?

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Unfortunatelly you can't live in Cluj & work in Bucharest, as they are 500 km far from each other but I highly recommend you come to Cluj.Not only it is a very nice city to be in, full of young people, clubs, festivals, libraries and stuff like that, but unlike in Bucharest, the people are very friendly and transportation is easy and cheap. To answer your Q, yes, you can find a job here depending on your skills either in a call center, at the British Council or any other place you fit in. For any other qs, don't hesitate to contact me.

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I am a Ghanaian with a bachelor of Physical Sciences. I want to apply for master degree in computational Physics at university of Babes Bolyai in Romania. please, I want to know if I can work and school at the same time. if so, what are my chances of getting a job. ?

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