What is the standard of healthcare like in Fiji?

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By Sukru Konakci - Posted on
11 March 2016

Hello; we would like to know if there is enough DIALYSIS centres in Fiji. ANd are they capable of the needings. İf not how do they solve th,s problem? Regards Sukru

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Hi Sukru,

Where are you from first of all? Where do you plan on living in Fiji?

If you are in an urban area you'll have more healthcare options available to you. While the standard of public hospitals vary, private hospitals are generally good. In some specialist cases though, patients will be flown to Australia or New Zealand.

You should read the Healthcare in Fiji page for more information.


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Hi Shantalie;

ı m from İstanbul Turkey. we are searching for good markets for investments and we have plenty of proffessionals looking for different alternative countries. Fiji is one of them for Dialysis.

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