What is the cost of living in Cape Town?

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12 February 2015

Hi, I am a south african whose living in the UK. We have been looking to move back and have been made an offer however as i have been away from SA for a long period, could anyone assist me with getting an idea on the cost of living to date, more specifically the following areas: 1) Medical aid as the offer is on contractual basis so does not cover this. 2) Rent per month plus utilities, looking at areas around Blouberg, along that coastal line. 3) nursery cost for a 3 year old It's very hard trying to assess whether the salary would suffice for a family of 3 until my husband gets an offer himself. Many thanks Beth

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I disagree with the last comment. Living costs are not the same as in the US - they are much cheaper, particulalry with the low currency exchange rate. Where it can be more expensive is that many more people send their children to private fee-paying schools and use private medical care. However for those who have private health insurance at home and send their children to private schools, the costs are massively less, and often the quality of service is often much better. you can get a quote for for medical care here : discovery.co.za. Rent will also be much less, if you compare like for like - your large house with a swimming pool and perhaps maid's quarters might be a similar cost to a 2 bed flat in a major city. To get an idea of rents, search seeff.com or property24.com. Good luck!
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Medical Aid for a total of 3 people will be 4-5K per month. You could get cheaper ones. This is for a top package.
Blouberg rent for a 3 bedroom house can be from 12K per month.
Parklands is a lot cheaper of course and also near Blouberg. The closer to the sea the higher the rent.

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