What is the best/fastest way I can get residence permit/extended stay/visa for Italy?

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By Drea - Posted on
30 January 2017

I am australian and my partner is italian citizen, I have done the tourist visa many times but am needing to find a more permanent answer. We have just purchased a house in milan in his name. What is the best/fastest/safest option for me to take residence. I was looking at starting studdies there, but don't know if it's better to take a work visa instead? I want in the end permanent residence/rights. I'm also entitled to a british passport but with brexit now I think it's not really helpful? I have contacted the embassy here in australia and they told me they can't help me until I lodge a visa... but I don't know what one is the right wat to go.... please any help wanting to get back to Italy as soon as possible to my little family. Appreciate any advice.

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We are looking for similar information, but coming from the USA. My wife and youngest son and I would like to obtain an Elective Residence visa. Does anyone have a recommendation for a visa expeditor to assist in the process?

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