What is the best way of finding affordable accommodation in Melbourne, Australia?

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By Harrison_T - Posted on
14 April 2017

I plan to move to Melbourne but I don't have any friends or family I can stay with while I'm here. I also need to find a job in Melbourne what is the best way of going about it?

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Look up accommodation on facebook. search Melbourne Short Stay Apartments & Accommodation and go from there.

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You can always try to rent a room via Airbnb short term, as the hosts are local they might be able to help you get more familiar with the city and advise you where to go from there in terms of finding a job or place to live. It'll also be cheaper than short term stay apartments per night.

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hi! we are planning to move to Sydney. We are looking for a quiet suburb which is not so far away from port area. Maybe less than 30 mins drive to the port area. Any recommendation pls. Thank you.

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Hi there

Have a look at our guide on areas and suburbs in Sydney for a general idea of the city. Do you have small children? Blacktown is not too far from Port Jackson, and it has a couple of schools. Manly is a bit further but is popular with expats and close to good schools.

Where are you moving from?

Kind regards,
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