What is the average monthly budget in Istanbul?

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By Amira - Posted on
20 October 2014

Hi there, We are a family of three moving to Istanbul. What is the average monthly budget for Grocery/house supplies and outings? no one drinks or smokes.

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Hi, Amira,

You didn't mention where you are from. Cost of living would vary depending on your lifestyle. Generally, if you live a Western expat lifestyle, you would expect your cost of living to be higher because the products and services you purchase will only be available at a premium.

For a start, I'd suggest that you use Numbeo and Expatistan as general (but not absolute) reference.

Hope this helps.

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All depends on where you choose to live within Istanbul. Expat communities and private schools are much more expensive, whereas areas where the general Turkish population live are a lot less. Will you have a car or rely on public transport, this can also make a difference as petrol is very expensive in Istanbul. I can say anything from 5,000TL to 10,000TL monthly to cover your basic needs of rent, food, transportation and some leisure.

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