What is it like to live and work in Romania?

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By Phil - Posted on
03 November 2014
Hi everyone

I'm considering applying for an HR position based in Bucharest. I know Romania isn't exactly the most popular destination for expats, but any help or advice would be really appreciated.

While the job would pay quite well, I am more concerned about the kind of lifestyle I'm going to have there - basically, will I be able to have a good quality of life away from work?

Any insights would be great.


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Do not need to worry, mate. Grab the job with both hands. Bucharest is quite a nice city, imitating Paris in many ways. You have plenty of entertaining, is as safe as any other city in Europe. Do not go by yourself in the beginning, go with work colleagues. People are quite friendly and readily willing to help. Do not try to do business with gipsies, like attempting to exchange foreign currency at better rates cause you will lose your money. But you might not see many of them as they migrated in western countries in the last 15 years, as you probably know. Plenty of things to see outside Bucharest as well. Prices are quite good: I bought clothing and shoes for that would have cost me 4 times more in Australia. Driving in Bucharest is a bit of a challenge because there are not enough parking places. Is better to use a taxi or public transport. The underground takes you practically in all major parts of Bucharest. Do not wear ostentatious jewellery. AS I said before, make a few friends at work and they will be your best guide and help in the first months or even more.

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Hi Phil

Anonymous gives some great advice here. You should also have a look at our Culture Shock in Romania and Lifestyle and Shopping in Bucharest pages to get a better idea of what you can expect.

Good luck!


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