What are the best schooling options in Melbourne?

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06 February 2015

Possibly moving later this year. We are originally from NZ but been living in Malaysia and my son has been attending a school in Brunei, he sits his GCSE exams this year. Unfortunately due to work we may need to relocate which will mean that our son will not be able to finish his A levels and will need to transfer to the Australian system for his last two years of schooling. He is a high achiever and interested in following a career in Engineering. He was born in Australia and we spent his first 5 years living in Toowoomba. We would like to know which schools have a good reputation, both public and private and which suburbs we should be looking at to live in. Really appreciate any assistance as we don't know Melbourne well at all and its quite daunting to know where to start, Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I don't know if you have already moved to Melbourne or not but this website might help you narrow the school down. I used this to check out the schools for my clients when we were looking for their rental house here in Melbourne. It helped a lot in getting the location of the house right. : https://bettereducation.com.au/school/secondary/vic/vic_top_secondary_schools.aspx

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