What are Romanian Women like?

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05 May 2011
I'm a single British 30-year-old male moving to Romania according to a company transfer and was wondering what Romanian women are like? Are they open to dating foreigners, or is there too large of a language barrier...which I won't lie, can sometimes be a good thing...
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Younger generation in Romania speak one or two foreign language, so you wouldn't have a problem with that...the girls are beautiful, sexy looking, but be aware about because that is not important...

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It is easy to find English speaking Romanian women (including ones with more limited skills if that is what you prefer). There are many beautiful woman here (and partly becuse the typical Romanian male has primitive ideas about how to treat women) Foreign men are regarded as very attractive. There can be difficulties with them having low self esteem and of course there are gold-diggers in every country, but you will not need to be alone here.

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The most beautiful women I have seen in my life. They are god damnn beautiful and..!
but what lies under the skin is also important. Bucharest girls are rude but brasov, ploiest and other small cities women are very humble and easy going...as they are not looking for money ONLY.

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