What are my options for health insurance as a retiree in Spain with pre-existing conditions?

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24 March 2017

My partner and I would like to consider Spain for retirement. If I understand correctly we can join the national system after one year. I also think we have to show proof of insurance, including preexisting conditions with no deductible and repatriation.

One of us has high blood pressure, and the other is a type 1 diabetic using a pump as well as having transverse myelitis.

Any chance we can get and afford health insurance for the first year?



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Hi Mike

Have you applied for residency? It seems that expats with residency in Spain can apply for a social security card and a local healthcare card, which should be adequate for you if you do not want to pay for private insurance. Spanish public healthcare is generally of a high standard, but wait times to see specialists can be lengthy. This is something worth keeping in mind when weighing up your options.

The Expat Arrivals Guide to Healthcare in Spain is a helpful summary of what to expect from the country's healthcare system. 

Where are you planning to move to Spain from? Have you used public healthcare before?

- Daniela
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