What are my child's schooling options in Guangzhou? Can I commute from Foshan to Guangzhou to save money?

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03 April 2014
Hi there

I'm moving to China in a few weeks to take up a position in Guangzhou. I've heard that Foshan is cheaper, so I'm considering staying there and commuting in. But will I have to go into Guangzhou for other reasons like shopping? 

Also, my kids and husband will be coming in a few months and I want to start looking at what their options are. Can anyone give me any help on this?

Thanks so much,
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Hi Bethany

Foshan has plenty retail options of its own but there something to be said for the unique options you would have when it comes to lifestyle and shopping in Guangzhou.

You can also have a look at our Visas for China page, as well as education and schools in Guangzhou, and education and schools in China.

Best of luck!

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Foshan is much much much cheaper than Guangzhou, especially rents, the difference can be 1 to 8 (e.g. an apartment cost 1000 in Foshan, the same will cost 8000 in Guangzhou) easily.
For retail and groceries there is a lot of choice in Foshan, famous supermarkets such as Metro and Walmart are present in the city and they stock everything from imported groceries to diapers, there is also a Corner's Deli store in Foshan selling various imported groceries and well know among GZ expats.
If you live along the Guangfo line your commute to GZ will be between 30 min to 1 hour.
For me Foshan wins hands down, except if you absolutely want to live in Guangzhou for some reasons. I work in GZ and live in FS, I can save a lot more money than my foreign coworkers living in GZ by doing so.

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Not sure on the commuting option. You can use this site:http://www.internationalschoolsadvisor.com/ to check the review and comment on your schooling option. Using this quite a while and worthy for a read.

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