We're a black LGBT couple, we want to know if there'll be discrimination under Donald Trump in US?

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By Jonny - Posted on
10 November 2016
I'm an LGBT black man and have been thinking of moving to the US with my partner, but since Trump has been elected I've been really scared about what will happen to us if we go through with the move. What's the atmosphere like towards minority groups in America right now? Are there going to be changes in American laws that will make things more difficult for us? Please help with info!
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I think the mood is pretty pessimistic at the moment, but there does seem to be a lot of support and compassion for one another among minority groups. There are also tens of thousands of protesters marching against Trump all over America, and they seem to be passionate about this issue.
On the upside, there is one small silver lining which is that there are a handful of members of minority groups that, for the first time, now have representation in newly elected senators / governers / members of congress. Check out this Buzzfeed article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/historic-firsts-2016-election?utm_term=.nuYz5ROgM#.ly4ZeoqDJ
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In the first days since the election, social media has been inundated with reports and videos of blatant animosity being shown toward Muslims, members of the LGBT community, and especially African Americans. Here are a few examples:


People against Trump and this type of discrimination have been engaged in political activism and affirmations of identity, but that won'e stop what is coming.

Given the fact that the Republican party will, with a Senate and House majority, virtually have free reign to sign in ultraconservative legislation and appoint a Supreme Court justice that will result in the overturning of the LGBT marriage rulings as well as making abortion illegal and causing the prices of birth control to skyrocket.

Trump has already vowed to undo every executive order issued by Obama in the last 8 years. It will be dark times in America, especially for women, members of the LGBT community, and people of color.

That's why I am even on this site. It's going to be as bad as anyone can imagine. I think anyone saying otherwise is being overly optimistic.

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My son is gay and he has been following Mr Trumps comments regarding this issue and he is reassured the LGBT community will be saver under a Trump presidency

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We are a married lesbian couple, raising biracial (African-American/Caucasian, my biological children) twin daughters, who are to be 11 this coming summer. Since the elections, they've been threatened by classmates who told them when Trump goes into office, and "gets rid of your dyke parents", he'll "deport you both back to Africa where you belong". Those kids were no more than 14 years old but they're already shooting it off at the mouth because their parents AND our school administrators turn a blind eye to this behavior. My kids are both honor roll students with perfect attendance who bother NO ONE. Yet they're singled out every single day based on their skin color, hair texture, hair color, freckles, hair styles or MY sexual orientation. I realize they're likely spewing whatever garbage they hear coming from their own parents' mouths, but when it's ignored, glossed over or even encouraged by certain school staff, then I have every right to be majorly pissed and question the integrity of the people in charge of the school.

My wife is a teacher, both K-6 and Middle School, but no school in this gawd awful state will hire her. We've decided to go international for that reason and other aforementioned reasons...so gay couple to gay couple, we STRONGLY advise you to stay away from the US whilst the Republicans/GOP Party are in charge because right now this country is deeply in trouble and Africans in general are already systemically discriminated against here. Throw in the gay thing and you two are in MAJOR TROUBLE. We're jumping ship ASAP and the two of us are lily white. It's the only hope our daughters have left.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry to hear about the harassment you've been facing, it sounds like a really awful situation. What country are you thinking of moving to?

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