Volunteer Opportunities in Angola

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09 September 2011
My husband might take a job in Angola. I know I can't work there unless I'm already working before I get there, but I'm interested in volunteering somewhere. I speak excellent Portuguese (grew up in Brazil) and have excellent project management skills. I'd probably prefer something where I could use the Portuguese -- holding bake sales in the American compound doesn't hold a lot of charm. Are there opportunities, how would I go about finding one, and how would I go about making sure I'd have some modicum of safety? I'm assuming we'd be living in the Zona Sul, unless we could talk them into letting us live in one of the (normally for singles) apartments closer to his office. thanks in advance.
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Many expats accompanying their spouses to Angola find themselves eager to "give back" to the community, and if you speak Portuguese you'll be an especially valuable asset to any team. A good place to start would be by contacting one of the many clubs in Angola before you arrive:

I'd also recommend contacting your respective embassy in Angola and asking for contact details for organisations that might be looking for volunteers.

Getting to and from the work you may want to do will be a challenge, most expats in Angola don't have their own car - and if the organisation you wish to volunteer for can't arrange transport - you may, unfortunately be stuck at home. That said, there's always room for unique problem-solving efforts in this African country, so just believe you'll find a way at some point.

Also, for more info about living in Angola, check out the Expat Arrivals PDF/Printable guide.
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