Visit to South Africa?

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By ongautam - Posted on
06 March 2015


Need some info about my plans to travel to Cape Town in last week of March .15
- Is March the best time to travel to Cape Town?
- Reliable Tour Operator?
- Money [approx] required for 10 days?
- Best mobile operator who can provide cheap mobile internet plans?
Kindly advise..

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Hi Gautam
- March is possbly the best time to travel to Cape Town, still lovely weather, the wind might have dropped and it shoudl be in the high 20s
- Money, how longs a piece of string. You can live comfortably on very little money, and the best things to do are free - walking up the mountain, going for surf, sitting on the bech, driving through the winelands. But you can also spend a lot of money if you stay in an expensive hotel, etc. 
- Vodacom is good, but the are all comparable. 
Enjoy, Cape Town is a fabulous city.
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Dear Tom,
Thanks for the insight. However i would like to know about the safety precautions for a girls traveling alone to South Africa..Thanks

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