Transfer of salary from Lagos Nigeria to UK?

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By kavanagh1955 - Posted on
09 November 2015

My husband is an expat working in Lagos. We live in the UK and he usually gets his salary transferred straight from his company bank to his bank in the UK. This month there seems to be a problem. The bank (CNB) is refusing to transfer the money as supposedly something to do with money laundering since the new government came in. Obviously this is a problem as I need the money back in the UK. His company is at a loss at what to do (he works in a hotel - an independent). Do anyone have any idea what can be done as obviously if this is not sorted out he will just have to walk away from his job. Thank you in anticipation. Ann

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Hi, I believe your husband can still transfer money out of nigeria despite the new stringent oney transfer laws. He will have to approach a local bank and fill out the required forms. It is pretty straightword though he might have to prove the source of the funds he intends to transfer.

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