Taxes on housing in Russisa

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18 January 2012
Hi, I've currently based in the UK, but have been shortlisted for a position based in Moscow. I haven't gotten the job yet, but it's looking good, and I wanted to start preparing to negotiate my contract. 

I wanted to know if there would be any additional costs built into housing other than just rent and utiltiies. In the UK we have to pay council tax, is there anything like that in Russia? Furthermore, how much could I expect to pay for a fully-furnished one bedroom in a good area? 
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how you talk with rent man, payment maybe full, and maybe without utilitiis. the natives pays about 30k rubles for 1 bedroom apartment. for foreigner pay maybe 2k usd.

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natives pays about 30k rubles.i think, for foreigner asked from 2k usd.

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