State healthcare in Cyprus - help?

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By bratt9328 - Posted on
24 January 2017

I have looked at so many sites that I think I may be confused. Maybe someone here can help?

I plan on taking early retirement due to a diagnosed medical condition and moving from UK to Cyprus on a permanent basis.

Given my condition I am unable to take out private health insurance and now that the UK government has stopped paying for NHS funded treatment (S1 forms) I am concerned about what care I am entitled to when I move.

I think, if a permanent resident, I may be entitled to public healthcare, the same as native Cypriots but an assessment means I may have to pay some or all of the costs. I have no issue with this as I don't expect a freebie from a country in which I have yet to contribute to.

Can anyone advise on level of costs for public healthcare as this will undoubtedly have an impact on any decision on whether or not to relocate on a permanent basis?

Any info/advice would be appreciated

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