School and accommodation in Istanbul?

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08 June 2015

Hi, we are expat family with 3 children moving to Istanbul fro Dhaka this summer.My kids will be attending Lycee Pierre Loti (French school within AEFE network). It is located on Haydar Aliyev Caddesi no:128 TARABYA. My eldest son who will be 11th grade next school year was attending American School in Dhaka. So my questions are :
1. Which school (American or British) can you recommend for my son? Preferably located nearby to the above mentioned French school.
2. Is the location of French school good for living?
3. What about school transportation arrangements in those school? As per my understanding there is a separate company to deal with. What is more convenient to arrange own or to deal with company?
Thanks in advance, with best regards, Nigora

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1. There are only a few international schools in Istanbul, you can see them all on education/schools section. British city campus may be the closest, but I don't think they have grades 11/12. I think those grades are only available at their far location (Zekeriyakoy). Keystone school's Camlica campus is probably the closest to your location, however their highest grade for this year is grade 10. IICS (hadimkoy) is way to far. So I think British school in zekeriyakoy is the best alternative.

2. Pierre Loti is a great school in a great location, however i am not sure its the best fit for a family living.

3. Transportation is almost always provided by all schools. School bus companies have agreements with different schools, but this is not a concern for you, they are generally very professional and the schools are responsible of the service the bus company provides. You will get the information from the school and then you can see if it makes sense to use the school bus or arrange private car pooling with a few other students around your area. Sometimes this makes more sense to cut on the time spent in the bus.
My suggestion is to find a living arrangement as close as possible for both schools.

All the best

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