Salary in Bangkok Vs US-Silicon Valley

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By Iyad-Kaddoura - Posted on
22 September 2017

Dear Members,

Just relocated to Bangkok 2 months ago and starting to reach out to recruiters and filling out online forms and the question comes up: What is the salary range?

I'm a professional in HW Operations, Product Development mgmnt and such.

How does the Bangkok Tech Industry compares, Salary wise, to Silicon Valley?

I percentage or feedback from experts would be very helpful.

Thanks for any of your feedback and most of all time.


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Hi Iyad

Salaries vary greatly depending on experience and education. If you want to look at some average comparisons, try Numbeo or
Generally, the cost of living in Bangkok is considerably lower than Silicon Valley, which could mean that salaries will be lower as well. Have a look at our page on working in Bangkok for some more information. Are you planning on relocating permanently to Thailand?

Hope this helps,
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Thank Emma for the reply. I'm well aware of the cost living differences just not quite sure to what levels on the salary side.

I'm already in Bangkok, Thailand. We relocated in July and now I'm starting to look for work opportunities..

thanks again,

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