Salaries and safety in Lagos?

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29 October 2015

hi iam naren from India. Iam getting offer for director Sales & marketing in Branded Hotel. what are the salaries structure in Nigeria and how safe it is to be with family.

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which location in Nigeria ?

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I would advise you to look at our Cost of Living in Nigeria page for an overview of monthly expenses. 

Also have a look at our Safety in Nigeria page, to answer your question on how safe it is for a family. 

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Lagos and Abuja are more safe places relatively comparing than other parts of Nigeria. Anyhow you should know your contract details to understand what exactly offered by your future employer even it is more critical than the salary. Don`t forget many public services are not provided as they serviced in Europe or in your country. Health, getting socialized, security etc. can be headache from time to time.

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