Residential Areas for families in Adelaide?

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By saishri09 - Posted on
24 November 2016

We are a family of three which includes a ten year old child.We are moving to Adelaide in February,2017.We are looking for places to stay which are in the vicinity of good public schools,shopping areas,public transport and the beaches.We would be highly obliged if approximate rentals for these areas can be notified.Are there any websites were we can look at such options and shortlist in advance.

Thank You.
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Ganesh Prasad

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Hi! I just had a look at this page over here and it looks like Burnside and Kensington Gardens might be suitable? Bearing in mind your child will need to go to a public school within the catchment area of where you live, this could be a good option. I'm not sure about the proximity of the area to shopping areas, public transport and beaches, but it's probably worthwhile looking into the area a bit more and seeing what you can find out.
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Hi! We are in the same boat. Moving in July with 2 children 3 and 6.

Hallet Cove keeps coming up on all the websites I have been looking at.

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