Resident visa for UAE?

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19 January 2017


Can you tell me if it is possible to buy a resident visa as an expat visiting Sharjah, UAE? I was told by my friend that companies can sell this to me without my first having a job.

Please just trying to understand if this offer is legitimate.

Thank you

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Hi denique,

There are a couple of different categories of residence visas for the UAE: employment, family, students, investors and domestic workers. If you don't fit into any of these categories then you don't qualify for a residence permit for the UAE.

These companies your friend has told you about don't sound legitimate. A residence permit can't be "sold" to someone - a genuine residence permit must be applied for and may then be granted if the application is approved. There are some legitimate companies who might assist with putting together the application and gathering the required documents as this can be quite an arduous task, but this is quite distinct from companies who will simply give you a permit if you pay them. So I would be very wary of doing business with them if I were in your position.

You can read more about UAE visa requirements on our Visas for Dubai page - the process is outlined quite clearly there.

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Yes its called a Freezone Visa. Its costs Dhs49000 to start off with and are for people who want to start a business or not be reliant on an employer for a resident visa. It has to be renewed yearly at a cost of Dhs21000. Its quite straightforward but like all things in talks. Every year fees get increased higher and higher in addition to rent whilst salary stays the same.

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