Questions about working as an accountant in Canada

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By redbaron85914 - Posted on
27 June 2017


I'm hoping there are some chartered accountants out there, who have knowledge about the accountancy/finance professional qualifications that are sought after in the Canadian job market? Does it depend which province/city you work in? Or even the sector?

I'm an ACCA member (2 years PQE, currently working in the public sector in Scotland), and I'm wondering whether it's essential to become a Canadian CPA or similar, in order to get a job. Do employers actually recognize the ACCA in Canada? Or will I need to go about upgrading my membership to become a CPA before I go any further in the visa process?

Ideally I'd like to try and get a job in the Canadian public sector given my experience but open to not-for-profit and private sectors too.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated.


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