Questions about moving to Dublin?

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29 September 2016

First of all hello to everyone!
I'm a 20 years old man from Venezuela and I'm planning on moving to Ireland on a few months with my cousin who is living there.
About me:
-I have european passport and nationality, Italian to be specific so that's good because I won't have visa issues and those kind of things.
-I've been studying Software engineering for 2 years that's half the career so I don't have a college degree. But I got pretty decent knowledge about programming due to working experience and my Webmaster diplomat.
-Language isn't going to be a problem I'm already graduated from an english institute so my english is pretty good overall I think 8/10 and with practice it will get beter.
-How is live there?
-Will it be to hard for me to find a job?
-How much do you need to live there?
-How much is minimun wage there? -What kind of job do you think I could find there?
I'm open to any opinion and tips thanks for the help I really appreciate it!

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Hi there,

A good place to start is out general overview: Moving to Dublin.

Our page on Working in Dublin has some tips on the city's working life and how to find a job there. Minimum wage is 9.15 EUR an hour. See this page for more details.

For an idea of how much you would need to earn, have a look at Cost of Living in Ireland. The table at the bottom of the page has price estimates for a number of common expenses. For a more detailed list, try websites like Numbeo and Expatistan. Using these figures you can put together a mock budget of what your monthly expenses might be and plug in the relevant figures.

All the best with your move.

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