Question on Deportation from UAE - How to find Information on Ban from UAE?

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By Aseemhakeem123 - Posted on
01 April 2018

Hi Meagan, Hope you are well. My friend was deported last week (25 March 2018) from Dubai. He was working in a super market as a helper or trolley boy under for the last 11 years , recently he has started selling food which he prepares from his room at evening to earn some extra income. Unfortunately there was a CID caught him selling food and took him to emigration center jail in Aweer.

He has been staying there for 2 weeks and finally deported him back to his home country. Would it be possible for him to get back to UAE again after a few months time? He was not convicted by any crime or in court it was just that his company ( super market) PRO was late to report to emigration office on this case hence we has deported. His company didn't pay him any gratuity benefits even though he has been working for 11 years as a trolley boy ( hard work pulling/pushing trolleys in hot summers in UAE) and the reason they mentioned was his contract was terminated as per Article no 120.

Now my friend would like to return to UAE to find a better job and take care of his family back at home. Would you be able to tell me what are the procedures to check the timeline of his ban, how to check if he has banned ? also how do we know if he his names are there in blacklist? Thanks, Aseem Hakeem Dubai

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There are many consultants working in UAE and across the globe who are working for immigration and other VISA services for UAE. Some of them are free so you can ask them as they can guide you in a more better manner.

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Hi A,

As Abdul has mentioned, it's a good idea to find a UAE visa specialist. Is your friend planning to go back to the UAE as soon as possible? 

Otherwise, your friend will most likely be on a ban list, and most bans of this sort are generally for one year. If there was no criminal conviction, then the ban shouldn't be lifelong.  

You should be able to contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs to find out the specifics of your friend's deportation.

Deportation from the UAE is fairly common, so you should be able to find more specific answers via the Google. 

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