Public Schools in Mexico?

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By tamcoe - Posted on
23 May 2017

Please can you tell me if public schooling for expats is recommendable? Private schooling is very expensive especially for single parents. Are you able to supply me with alternate options?

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Hi Tamcoe,


Where in Mexico are you based?


Public education is free but is not of an equal standard to private tuition. Generally, schools in the more rural regions suffer from poor service delivery and high dropout rates.


Alternatively, schools in urban areas tend to perform slightly better. Grades 7 through 12 must pay for textbooks, with younger grades below that receiving them at no cost.


The most popular option amongst expats when searching education in Mexico is homeschooling combined with public school. Learning the language and growing up with local kids will definitely help their integration and understanding of society. It may also be easier on your expenses.


What grades are your children going to enter?


Hope this helps.



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Hi Brett

Thank you for your response. We haven't arrived in Mexico yet. I am still busy making arrangements. The area we are going to is Guadalajara at first then moving onto San Miguel. My son and myself are coming over early 2019. My son has one more year of primary school left which I want him to finish first.

When we come over my son will be going into high school Gr8.

Thank you again. You have really helped answer my question. I have also joined other expat groups like this one to get a lot more personal insight, if you know what I mean.

We are both quite excited about our move. More so my son. As long as he can surf, he will live anywhere.

Thanks again.

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