Proof of No Criminal Record for China Working Visa?

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By Elliot - Posted on
28 June 2017

Dear users,

Apparently proof of no criminal record is now required when it comes to applying for and renewing working visas in China (at least in some cities).

For a British citizen, does anyone have any idea exactly what kind of proof is required?

There are CRB checks, DBS checks (including basic, standard and advanced checks) and full ACRO police checks.

Some of these checks, meanwhile, only seem to be available to people with a current UK address or an authorized UK employer (neither of which I actually have).

TLDR: I'd love to go ahead and prove that I don't have a criminal record, but can anyone tell me what kind of proof I should provide?


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Elliot, I managed with the UK Acro check to get my work permit.

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