Planning to move to Dublin from Hyderabad with family - advice?

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By ram - Posted on
07 January 2016

Planning to moving to Dublin from Hyderabad with family

Its great that I found this forum where I can get help to make decision to move to Dublin with family.
I am based in Hyderabad(INDIA). I have two Kids 10 yr old daughter and 1.5 years son.
The purpose of this discussion thread is to help me understand better the expenses and Salary.
I (12+ years experience ) have been offered a package of 73,000 Euros + 2300 Euros year end stock options + PF contribution and office is in Dublin 24,

With this inputs I need your help if my below estimates are correct.

1. Rent for 2 bed room in and around Dublin 24 = 1400
2. Utility bills ( gas/electricity = 150, Internet/TV/Phone = 50, Mobile = 30) = 230.
3. monthly grocery bills 500.

Total monthly exp ~ 2150

1. Will I get Any Child benefit - Tax credits
2. my wife will be at home looking after my son. are we eligible for - Home carer tax credit (for married couple)
3. Are there any other expenses like school fee's and transportation cost for daughter school etc.
3. Is 73,000 Euros + 2300 Euros year end stock options + PF contribution. is good pay [ FYI - currently i am getting 35L in India ]

My sincere thanks to anyone who responds and it will help in making decisions.

Thanks & Regards

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Hi Ram,

Did you accept the offer. How are the expenses.

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Hi Ram

Have a look at our Cost of living in Ireland page to see if your estimates are aligned with daily expenses. 

Kind regards,
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