Moving to Vancouver for media jobs?

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By Jonny D Henson - Posted on
10 March 2013
Hi I want to move over to Canada in the next 12 months. I currently work in the TV industry and would like the same sort of position in Vancouver. Does anyone have any advice for me about how I should go about doing this? I would really appreciate it, im confuse about what I should do first. Thanks
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Hi there,

It seems that you've done your research and picked a perfect expat destination. Vancouver has a booming film industry so you'll certainly find suitable job oppurtunities in the city. 

I would advise you to take a look at our Working in Vancouver page. It provides a excellent list of websites that will direct you towards job oppurtunities. It also provides a good overview about the job market in Vancouver.

There are also specialist job agencies that can assist you with finding jobs in your field so do approach them as well. 

It is only once you have a job offer that you need to start applying for a work permit. This page on Work Permits for Canada provides you with a detailed overview of the visa process and also gives a full list of documents you need for your permit.

Wish you the best of luck with you job hunt. 


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The film insustry in Vancouver is a little slow at the moment. You may find more opportunities in Toronto at the present time. Ontario has kept its tax beaks and incentives for companies filming in Ontario so more filming is occurring there, I hope this helps,
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