Moving to Ireland as an adult dependant

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20 August 2017

Hello! I am the mother of two British/American adult children. Father born and living in Leeds, U.K.. My Son is moving to Ireland for school, work and family. My Daughter and I will be joining him in March 2017. I am American and hold only an American passport. Is it true? My 24 year old Son can sponsor me to move to Ireland as I am disabled and financially dependent on him? If so, how long until I would get a residance card- then work? Kindly, Lori

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Hi Lori

It is possible to move to Ireland as a dependant. Have a look at our page on visas in Ireland for some more information.

What kind of work are you planning on doing once you're in Ireland? You will need to receive a residence permit when you move to Ireland, and it is part of the visa procedure as a dependant. See the Ireland Immigration website for how to apply for this.

Good luck,
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