Moving to Hong Kong from Singapore - Indian community?

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30 May 2017

I am currently in Singapore and got a job in Hong kong where my office is in Wan Chai.

1. Family - a couple, conventional South Indian Vegetarians

2. What would be the best place to take up accommodation if the office is in Wan chai? - I know that there could be a lot of options - say I can commute 15 to 30 mins daily from work to home and my budget for rental is 20,000 HKD max - and looking for a 2 or 3 bed room apartment - any best website or agent whom you can recommend?

3. What would be the best method to transfer funds from Singapore to Hong kong? Say I have 5,000 SGD and if I transfer/convert - there will always be a currency conversion charges which is bothering me if the total sum being transferred is high.
Is there a way to hold this safe in a bank as SGD itself?

4. What is the best way to ship goods from Singapore to Hong Kong? Is there any preferred shipper or someone whom you can recommend - say best door to door packers and movers who will help in packing goods and shipping it safely?

Thanks a ton for your reply.


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Hey Sriram
Many expats live in Wan Chai itself, so that could be a good place to start looking. Other areas nearby include Mid-Levels, the Peak, and Happy Valley. One thing you would probably want to check though is the public transport links from these areas to Wan Chai (this is assuming you won't be purchasing or bringing a car). You can have a look at our page on Areas and Suburbs in Hong Kong for a bit more info and suggestions of where to live.
As for moving companies, our Relocation Companies in Hong Kong has some recommendations.
I don't have an answer for your banking/money question, unfortunately – hopefully someone else will come along to answer your question that has a bit more knowledge of that than I do.
Hope that helps!
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